Best time to buy for lowest price?

Looking to get the following:

6gb mushkin 1600
460 SLI or 465 TRI SLI or 570 SLI (not sure yet)
Mushkin SSD 90GB

I've been following the prices on Newegg for 3 months now and can say the price haven't really come down. I thought the price for the MB would be on sale for Christmas but it just isn't so. the lowest I saw it go for is $290. So should I hold off till Jan or Feb or is this the price it will be in early 2011? Or do they have lower prices after new years when people spent all their money already?
also, don't care to wait for SB as the prices will be higher in proportion to the setup I want and not best bang for buck.

Any opinions appreciated.
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  1. I saw the r3e on sale back in November, but was not looking for the formula. Video cards were much cheaper around black Friday too, but seem to have rebounded on Newegg.

    With Sandybridge introduction, I am expecting now current chips to drop in price, because so many are buying the latest and greatest. Probably i7-950 less so, since SB is replacing LGA 1156, and LGA 1366 sockets aren't going to be replaced in January.
  2. thanks for your opinion. I was following the Formula since it was released the first week but the price comes down $10 for 5 days then goes back up. the question is should I wait Jan or Feb to see some price drops?
  3. anybody else?
  4. anyone?
  5. Quote:
    don't care to wait for SB as the prices will be higher in proportion to the setup I want and not best bang for buck.

    Any opinions appreciated.

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  6. Did I post something wrong? I posted the items I'm looking to buy and just asked when would be the best time to buy, before or after Christmas around Jan/Feb? I'm not asking for advice on what to buy, I have that locked down. thanks again.
  7. I don't hink you posted anything incorrect or offensive, it is just that possibly no one else has any really strong opinions that differ from what I said originally.

    Allow me to elaborate on my own personal intentions. My brother told me he wanted a machine on December 1st, just after all the black November sales on at Newegg. Based on his needs and budget, I am building him a gaming machine with an i5-760 CPU. I have been picking up parts for him ever since, but told him that I won't buy the CPU until middle of January, and here is why.

    When Sandybridge goes on sale January 5th, Intel will replace the i5-750 as their first tier technology. Most buyers will want the new stuff, for bragging rights, if nothing else. Sellers will start discounting the price of these old chips to clear out excess inventory. It expect it to take one to two weeks to really see the prices bottom out, and will be watching the market closely. Will probalby puchase before January 19th.

    Does that help at all?
  8. thanks again. will wait till January.
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