Intel Duo 6600 2.93GHz E7500

Hello, I'm trying to overclock this CPU and i want to know the exact max of what this is capable of. Please if you know can u tell me the max this CPU is capable of and what the voltage needs to be?
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  1. It varies by your cpu, power supply, and board bios settings. A good heatsink also helps.
  2. Intel Duo 6600 or 2.93GHz E7500

    which one ?
  3. The e7500 is newer, but if the 6600 is half the price, then I'd go with that. It all depends on the price. Also check your motherboard's "cpu support" section. If your board is oem by dell, hp, compaq, etc. then the e7500 may not work, unless it's listed under cpu upgrades on the website. In general, the e7500 will overclock easier, but it's not guaranteed.
  4. Alright so i got the E7500 and im running a intel DG41RQ mobo, for some reason im unable to edit my CPU settings in the bios, any ideas? The bios have been recently updated as of 2 days ago and the drivers are up to date.
  5. I use the "del" key on the lower right side of the keyboard, but usually the post screen will tell you which key to press.
  6. read your motherboard manual, simple as that, all the information is there!
  7. Thanks for all the answers!
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