P67 new build with Antec Sonata or Antec 300


I am looking at putting together a P67 system.

I have an Antec Sonata case with an Antec Truepower 650 w psu, a GTX 560 Ti gpu and looking for an ASRock Extreme4 M/B etc,

I will be overclocking and am wondering if I should stay with the Sonata or I can pick up an Antec 300 for 30.00 in the next couple of days if it would help.

I am planning on SLI down the road so I am wondering if the Antec 300 has enough practical room for this.

My main computer is in Arizona and I have to keep the price down on this build as I am pushing the budget as it is.

Any advice appreciated
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  1. The Antec 300 case has plenty of room for 2 x graphics cards. It also has great cooling with all the fans installed. I usually recommend the 300 Illusion as it comes with the fans. This is my go to case for budget builds.


    The Sonata is a great case it just does not have quite the cooling of the 300/300 Illusion.
  2. I'd echo the Illusion at $55

    If that's Truepower "New" 650, it's certified fro twin 560's
  3. JackNaylorPE said:
    I'd echo the Illusion at $55

    If that's Truepower "New" 650, it's certified fro twin 560's

    Thanks for the replies.

    I believe my Truepower is four years old or is this a model differance?

  4. 4 Years old it is not the "New" 650. It is not as high a quality as the newer version. It is still fine for 1 x 560 and probably 2 x 560s but Antec really entered the high quality PSU status with its "New" line.
  5. Antec 300 won't fit anything longer than HD5850.
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