SATA onboard or PCI Express ?

I have an ASUS M2nPV-MX board. This board had 4 onboard SATA ports . I bought a PCI Expres SATA controller as I needed more SATA ports. The Controller is this one:

When I plug my DVD optical drive on the onboard SATA it plays a DVD and I am able to burn also. When I plug the DVD optical drive on to the PCI Express card, I am able to play DVDs but not able to burn.

My system has two DVD drives and the same result with both of them when , when I plug into PCI express card - cant burn , when I plug into onboard SATA - able to burn.
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  1. It is a card I bought on ebay from a seller in Hong Kong. No specific brand. Is is a PCI-E card.

    What do you mean under description ?
  2. Quote:
    click on your link then click on description. that specs look like a pci cards specs. 1.5gb/s. We are at 6gb/s already. Can you go in device manager and look for the name of the manufacturer

    I am not sure where to look in device manager.

    I may have made a mistake wrt sending the link. This is not the card but it this type of PCI-E

    Let me just explain one more time. Four Onboard Satas and two sata ports on the PCI-e card . All devices work but when the DVDdrive is plugged in the sata port on the PCI-e card , the Drive is unable to burn blank DVds. DVDs with data/movies work.
  3. I am uning Windows 7 64 bit. the two DVD burners I have in the machine are :
    - Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-212DSCSi CdRom Device
    - TSST corp CDDVDW-SH-S223B SCSI CdRom Device

    Both are writers.
  4. I am installing the nero tools . I am from the caribbean but have a majic jack. Tel 813 506 8570 you can call or I can call if you dont mind. Seems you have some info you might be able to help me with this.
  5. Quote:
    I'm in south africa lol
    You can post your questions here. There's lot of other people here as well with knowledge that can chip in as well to help you with any questions you have. So feel free to ask anything if you want

    LOL Cheers.

    OK I have installed the software , the funny thing is that the tool is only reading one of the two drives but both drives are working fine as they are connected to the onboard sata.

    What info from the tool are you looking for ?
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