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Occasional Screen Ripples

Just wondering if anybody knows if occasional faint horizontal rippling on the screen in games is nothing to be worried about. My graphics Card is a Gigabyte HD 5870 Super Overclock running a 1920x1080 LED LCD monitor on windows 7 64 bit (Ran out of trial). I notice this sometimes in games like Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and Crysis. Not sure if this occurs in other games (haven't really noticed). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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  1. what do you mean by ripling?

    are you referring to screen tearing? in which case, vSync would clear that up.

    if you are talking about an actual ripple in the liquid of the monitor, then its a faulty monitor. no other component could casue that, as its a physical effect of strain on the screen (heating, causing expansion). if that is what you are meaning, then i'd send it back, assuming its still under warranty.
  2. Hey Welshmousepk,
    Thanks for the reply. No it does not look like screen tearing. If the monitor was faulty would the ripples be permanent or would they happen ocassionally as this is what is happening.
  3. I'll post again if I see it happen again.
    BTW, how do you enable vSync on crysis I couldn't find the option in the settings. I've set vSync for Operation Flashpoint and i'll test that next. most of the other games i've played i haven't really noticed it happening (haven't played them for long enough to tell).
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    You can force vSync in CCC. just go to video options>all. and it should be a tickbox.

    a faulty monitor sounds like the problem though. and yes it could be occasional. a bad screen will have inconsistent density, so the heating up of the monitor over time will cause it to expand differently across the monitor. and causing said ripples. i've only heard of it happening on very rare occasions though, so im not entirely convinced its the issue. id need to see it to be sure. Is the monitor under warranty?
  5. I'm just going through old posts and closing them off now... As for the rippling effect not sure what that was but it usually indicated an impending GSOD which after ages I fixed by ramping the voltage input WAY up :( getting a new card anyway now.
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