What's you memory of choice?

I want to know the opinions of the community
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  1. Used to be Crucial Ballistix, now shifting to G-Skill.
  2. It says this poll is closed and you cannot vote. My vote would have gone for Corsair.
  3. Having an open poll would help.

    I happen to love the blue heat shield DDR2 G.Skill ram. My local PC shop hates it and claims they had a lot of issues with it, but both of my sets run great.

    Whatever DDR3 ram in my PC now works fine as well. Gskill, crucial, Kingston, corsair, etc are all great ram providers.
  4. How can you not have Patriot and OCZ on the poll?
  5. Patriot had some good DDR1 ram. I think they had those "redline DDR-500" sticks. OCZ was ok in their early days, but compatibility issues with their DDR2 and some chipsets turned a lot of people off.
  6. I set the poll to end like next year... Idk why it closed... Sorry! Well just post on the thread don't worry about the poll!!!!! ^_^; sorry guys
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