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3D Setup Worth It?

Hey All,

I'm planning on building my own variation of the $1,000 Budget Gaming PC. Of course the gaming build featured on Tom's doesn't feature a monitor, so getting that is going to drive the price up past $1,000. Yesterday on NewEgg I ordered a 27.5" LCD Monitor (1920x1200), this guy for $270 . I was planning on using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 - I was also going to change out the budget motherboard for one that has 2 16x slots so I could do SLI later on to upgrade the computer for future performance.

However, while going through Newegg trying to find parts/deals I found this setup. Basically it looks like 3 20" LG brand LED Backlit LCD monitors "slim design". These monitors do 1600x900 a piece. The bundle also comes with a 1GB Radeon HD 5770, and a bunch of connectors or whatever - all for $494.

So what do you think would be a better setup for my rig especially considering the costs. The 27" monitor + the Geforce 470 ends up costing around 570 for both the card and the monitor (300 for 1 card). Getting the 3d bundle would be about $494 plus another $145 for a second Radeon 5770, a total of $639 .

So what's the better way to go? I wouldn't get 2 Geforce 470's at once and would only upgrade when I absolutely need it. However, if I go the Radeon/3d route I would probably get a second 5770 to make sure I could actually game. How does the performance of Crossfire 5770s compare to 1 or 2 Geforce 470's?

Also is 3d worth it now? I'm not familiar with the productivity applications or games that take advantage of it. I do know WoW, which I do play occasionally can use it (I also play BF2...wonder if that's 3d capable). Are 3d applications going to be popular in the next 5 years?

Also what's your take on multi-monitors, espcially for gaming. I'd have either one 27" monitor at 1920x1200 or 3 20" at 1600x900. Do you guys not like multi-monitor setups? How do they work for gaming in things like BF:BC2, Team Fortress 2, WoW, and others?

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    If you go the Nvidia way. then the actual eye candy pleasure is going to cost you a lot more than that, you'll need a 120MHz monitor, plus the shutter glasses and all the stuff, that is sure going to take you places while gaming and as far as my game play goes with nvidia, I think it's pretty much possible to do it on an nvida without the shutter glasses or the 20MHz monitors.
    But the actual 3D Surround effect is really possible and pleasurable with Nvidia now since it's pretty easy to setup if you have the dough.

    I haven't 3D'd with ATI so I really couldn't say about the 3D effects but Eyefinity with three monitors sure blows 3D away anyday. :)
    Actually I'd rather play a game on Eyefinity with 3 Monitors then invest in the 3D tech right now.

    Multi monitor setups......... hmmmmm I have one at work and one at Home.... works got 1440X900 into 3
    And home's got 24 inches into 3..... at 1080p each.....
    And I'm loving it..... :)
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