Problem with Video Card. Not sure if system is incompatible or if its a hardware

Hi. I am putting together a somewhat older computer system that I inherited from a friend.

I am wondering if my current setup is incompatible, or if there is a hardware issue with the video card.

The motherboard is an ABIT KN9 Ultra.

It originally had an older video card that was unusable for gaming. So I replaced it with this:

I was led to believe that even though this is a PCI Express 2.0 x16, it would work with this motherboard. However it doesnt.

When I attempt to turn it on, the video card fan starts to sputter, and then stays on and beeps. With no video.

Does anyone know if this should be compatible? Should I get an RMA on the video card? I am hooking up all the wires correctly, including the 6-pin power connection.

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  1. PS I can also confirm that the older video card still works. The problem is either totally within the new video card, or the system is incompatible.
  2. AFAIK, PCI-E is fully backward compatible. If you have a 2.0 card fitted into a 1.0 slot, the card will operate at the 1.0 speed (physical limitation). Before sending the card for RMA, reduce the load on the PSU by having only the following installed and connected to power:

    1. One RAM module
    2. GPU
    3. CPU/HSF

    Connect the monitor to the GPU and turn on the power. If the display is shown on the monitor, then you may have an under effecient PSU. If still no display, continue with RMA.
  3. I will do that thanks, though my PSU is a 550 w and this requires a 450 w.
  4. Also, make sure you have the 6 pin power connector plugged into the card and the 4 pin power connector plugged in to the mobo and that all connectors are properly seated.
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