Image quality issues with a HDTV as second monitor.

Hey All,

Not quite sure how to start, so I'm just going to dive right into this:

I recently bought a HDTV - a 32" Hisense DVB-T HL81V88 (
I have it connected to my graphics card (ati radeon hd 4870) using VGA (DVI out of the graphics card into a VGA doggle into the VGA input on the TV).

The TV's information button says that it's running at 1360x768 @ 60Hz.

I also use a 23" Samsung P2350 ( with 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.

Basically, It just feels like the TV should be getting a lot better image quality than it is - the resolution FEELS very low, and seems quite grainy.

Is there something I'm missing or are TVs (Even full HD ones) still pretty poor as monitors?
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  1. The panel resolution of your HDTV is 1360x768. If you want 1080P get better HDTV with 1080P (1920x1080) panel resolution.

    Below is the specification of your Hinsense HDTV (Its a 720P TV)
  2. What resolution did you set for your HDTV?
  3. For each tv there will be an HDMI port made specially for PC Connectivity, in Samsung its HDMI 1, connect your cable to it and your problem is solved.

    Let me know if it didn't work.


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