2nd hand cpu? Top is scratched?

Hi guys, for my friends xmas present im putting him together a budget system with my old pc parts, now my friend kindly donated a cpu, as i was cleaning off his old thermal paste (stock intel-rubbish) i accidently rubbed too hard and i've actually managed to scratch the top side, no damage has been done to the pins on the opposite side, im just wondering will this affect the CPU in anyway? I'll be applying a stock Intel CPU cooler and CF2 thermal paste to it.
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  1. No it will not effect the CPU performance BUT it can reduce the contact to the cooler. You can sand the top with sand paper. To do it the correct way read the sticky about lapping. You need to use a fine sand paper (800-1000 grit) to remove the scratch.

    The top heat spreader is just a cover that protects the CPU from damage and transfers heat to the heatsink.

    If the scratch is not that bad (does not catch your nail when you go across it) then thermal compound will fill the void.

    I am not liable for any damage to the CPU if you decide to lap the CPU. I have lapped all of my CPUs and never damaged one. But you can damage them by bending pins and ESD. Read the sticky
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