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Hi guys
I am in the process of upgrading i7-950. I will be running it on a Sabertooth x58 with 6Gb Kingston Ram. Now I am not intending to overclock my cpu at all, or at lest not until I replace my 9800GTX+ but my question is, is it necessary for me to get a proper cpu cooler now or will the stock cooler be OK for the time being.

Feel free to flame me for asking a stupid question but I would like to get some input as I don't know.
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  1. Nope I don't have them yet going to buy the tomorrow, and I was looking at the Thermalright Silver Arrow (only Because the Arcon won't fit in my HAF 922 case) or similar but I know that if I don't overclock that that cooler would be overkill
  2. Mostly casual gaming but also university projects like Solid works Designing and watching movies and such.
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