Where to start upgrading a Dell Deminsion 3000

I just finished upgrading my custom built computer and wanted to see if I could put some of my old parts into my family's 2005 Dell Deminsion 3000. I pulled up the following configuration for it:

1 X7570 Assembly,Compact Disk Read Write,48X,Half Height,Hitachi Lg Data Storage,05
1 X2749 Modem,V.92,Data Fax,Internal Donny,Dell Americas Organization
1 H1848 Hard Drive,80GB,I,7.2K,2MB SMSNG-PALO
1 J0201 Dual Inline Memory Module 256,400M,32X64 8K,184
1 UC283 ASSY,CHAS,NPFC,P4,3000,L6,CR,M
1 N7541 Processor,80546,2.8,1M,Pentium4 Prescott Dt,533,E0
1 F3865 Assembly,Heatsink,FMB1.0

Looking at this, where is the best place to upgrade? Unfortunately my old processor is a AMD Athlon and I don't want to have to buy a new motherboard so processor may be out. I have a 164 GB hard drive and 2x2GB RAM that may be useful. I also was thinking to upgrade their Windows XP to Windows 7. Is this a lost cause without upgrading the processor? Any ideas where the greatest bottleneck is so I can improve their system even if I don't use old components?
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  1. I can't tell much from what you posted. I would bet though that it would be more trouble to try to get even the 164GB HDD into that Dell than it is worth. If the Dell is still running I would just leave it alone.
    I would be the RAM in the Dell is single channel and the RAM you have is dual. I would also be that changing out the HDD would cause the Dell to have booting issues due to the correct drivers not being present. I think the Dell has 512RAM now, is that right?? I don't know how XP would react to 512 RAM - it might be sluggish. Is Dell running Win98??
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