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Would Fraps be more dependent on more cores or a higher clocked processor?

I'm looking at 2 processors currently for my build.
AMD Phenom II x6 1055 @ 2.8GHz
AMD Phenom II x4 965 @ 3.4GHz

I have a separate HDD (Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB) for Fraps recording and want to record at around 50FPS on MMOs and FPS.


I know that I'm probably going to get spammed with "GET SANDY BRIDGE OMG" but I guess my question could apply to them too.

I'm waiting for my RMA money and want to buy the day I get it. Unless, the Asus P8P67 comes out for a good price (under $150), I'll be going AMD.
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  1. I mostly notice Fraps taxing my graphics--maybe that's not what supposed to happen, but my i7 doesn't have trouble (go into high usage). To mitigate that, there's no reason you can't Fraps at 30fps. Most videos run at 30fps anyways. Movies are often at 24fps.

    If you go AMD go for the 955. It's the same as the 965, but cheaper (if you ever enter your bios that is). The 1055 isn't unlocked and costs more than the 955.

    Of course you should do a Sandy Bridge i5-2500K/P67 build if you can afford it.

    Anyone else have experience with Fraps?
  2. FRAPS benefits well from a good high clocked CPU, a separate HD to record to, and a decent GPU that has a high overhead when playing the game at the settings you are recording at.

    Obviously within the same architecture higher clock is better, often between architectures it's difficult to compare clock speeds.

    Recording above 30FPS, especially at high resolution, will put massive demand on the HD, a fast write speed and seek speed HD is preferred. 50FPS is pretty much the limit for FullHD recording on HDs at the moment.

    I have found that the Xfire recorder gives the best performance/quality ratio, even more at high resolution.
  3. Oh, I've got a 3.8GHz i7-930 w/ 3 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB's in RAID0 (only for the top 100GB, RAID5 for the rest), and 6GB DDR3 @ 1910MHz 6-8-6. That's why I only notice it impacting my graphics card. I guess without focusing on it, I've got a solid screen capturing setup.

    So the OC'd Phenom II x4 955BE should top a 1055 (not unlocked) in Fraps/screen capture performance then, right? What about a 1090T or does 4 cores have adequate overhead? I've only tried 2 and 8 threads with Fraps.
  4. I'm guessing a quad core will be sufficient especially one with a high stock clock.

    Edit: It'll beat my current mobile C2D at 2.0GHz with a 320GB HDD.

    I've also been checking out some benchmarks on CPUs on Anandtech, are there test systems posted for both the AMD and Intel rigs? Some of it seems odd especially with some gaming benchmarks. For example: The i5 760 loses to the i5 750 (WoW and Batman)
  5. Quote:
    did you check at what resolution that test were done at? Running the same gpu at 1080p you would not see much of a performance difference between most of the cpus. Unless the game is heavily cpu dependant which only a few games are

    But get the 2500k or 2600k. Just look at your disk setup coz a single drive is going to drag your system onto its knees

    I have a 500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 as a boot drive with apps and a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 as a storage drive.

    & the resolution was 1680x1050 for both.
  6. Quote:
    try getting two F4 320gb or two 500gb drives to hook on Raid-0 to use as the disk where the recording gets written to. and think about the Pci-e raid controller. If not now somewhere in the future.

    What gpu do you have?

    CPU & Motherboard: To be decided
    GPU: EVGA GTX 560 Ti @ 850Mhz core
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws (2x4gb) @ DDR3-1333
    PSU: Corsair 750TX V2
    Case: HAF 912

    Edit: Already have GPU, RAM, Case and HDDs, RMA'd my CPU, Mobo and PSU.
  7. Quote:
    try getting two F4 320gb or two 500gb drives to hook on Raid-0 to use as the disk where the recording gets written to.
    Don't buy two F4 320GB--those are 320GB low-speed drives and at a cost comparable to a Spinpoint F3 1TB. If you're gonna RAID it, RAID the much faster one--especially since it's cheaper to get 1 Spinpoint F3 1TB than two F4 320GB.

    I'd RAID 0 the top 200GB of the two Spinpoint F3 1TB's and RAID1 the remaining 732GB. Then run games an OS off the separate Spinpoint F3 1TB 500GB.
  8. Oops, " games AND OS off the separate Spinpoint F3 500GB". My typing is atrocious today.

    Okay, the F4's a great choice:
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