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I have a system with below specifications:

Motherboard: GA x38t-dq6
CPU: 9300Q 2500ghz
RAM: 2gb Dual OCZ Gold 1333
Graphic: 8800 GTS 512
Power: 600w OCZ

I want to increase my PC memory i try 4gb Dual chanel ADATA Plus 1600 but my computer dont work normally after one boot motherboard logo fade and checker an other boot my cpu over to 3600ghz and cpu fan over, next i change my ram to 4gb ADATA Gaming Dual Chanel 1333 low voltage my computer almost work good, but the cpu fan did not under control an work with most speed. after 12h at the end my power burn out and i force to change my power to gx750w COOLER MASTER.

please help me to choose memory whith good CL (Timing) and bus because i have rendering process.

my choice only are:

8gb ADATA Plus Dual chanel 1333 CL:
4gb ADATA Plus Dual chanel 1600 CL:
4gb ADATA Gaming dual chanel 1333 or 1600 low voltage CL:

I Appreciation your help
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  1. Look for a memory "qvl" file on the webpage for your board at gigabyte's website. See if any adata is listed; only a few models of ram are listed for any board. They can't test them all. Just because yours isn't listed doesn't mean it won't work. And if you're trying to overclock the cpu, set the ram speed manually to a lower speed, such as 1066 before you attempt to overclock the cpu. I set a limit of 25% for my overclock for stability and low heat (I use mostly the stock heatsink). Adata may not work with your board. I use gskill, corsair, kingston, and patriot ram in a variety of boards. I suggest you look for a vender that carries these brands or use ebay.
  2. Hello;
    Thanks for answer

    Yes i found ADATA's name in qvl list of GIGABYTE x38t-dq6 with out mention the bus or CL of memory; nevertheless i want to now in a total how select memory's bus (1600 or 1333) my motherboard suport 1600 but my cpu suport 1333 if i select 1600 it can increas efficiency of my system or not (i dont want to overclock my computer), and CL(timing) of memory that is in uper bus with decreasing it's bus it's timing Decrease too, for example (ADATA 1600 CL: When work with CPU 1333 and its bus Decrease to 1333 what happened for it's CL:?)

    I appreciate your help.
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    Mixing ram can be done, but your system will run all the ram at the slower speed. The difference in performance isn't noticable except in benchmarks. I didn't notice it; I downgraded to 1333 when going to 16 gb to save $10.
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  5. Thanks a lot, I got the point.
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