Why does my catalyst control centre disable my second graphics card when network

my specs . asus p7p55d-e motherboard with two asus hd5770 graphics cards i5 760 processor 700 watts psu with two hdd? i have my graphics cards crossfired in the catalyst manager then try to put in a dlink dwa 655 pcie network adaptor only to find that the catalyst manager as disabled my second graphics card as the speed as been changed from pcie2.0*4 to 2.0*1 ? i have tried changing pcie2.0*1 ports with network adapter looked in the bios nojoy ? is there any way around this or just trow the dlink adapter .
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  1. which pcie sockets have u connected ur graphic cards in?

    EDIT: nvm, i see now that the new -e series dont have 3x pcie as the old ones do :)
  2. For that board looking at the specs and pics of it, I'd suggest you go for a PCI version of that type of card, if you can exchange it , that'll be good.
    It has something to do with both the same colored PCIe slots.
    Maybe it's sharing lanes between the 1x and 16x slots, it actually depends on the layout of the board but, still, if you can , go for a simple PCI Card.
  3. yer i think i will go for the pci ? thanks guys
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