How much do you think

I built this P.C for games and media.

AMD athlon II 255 (3.1GHZ)
4GB OCZ platinum 1333MHZ DDR3 memory.
Biostar MCP6P3 motherboard
ATI HD4650 1GB.

This was a project i did 2 to 3 months ago and i know longer want and hardly used it how much do you think it is worth if i sold it to raise cash for a better PSU for my main PC. I would need to replace the case maybe for a brand new coolermaster 330 elite has my boss gave me the ATX case i used to build it. All bits were brand new. Do you think i could get at least £150.
Its just an opinion im after.

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  1. Hmm if it is well laid out and put together you should be able to get more than that for it. I am thinking may be 250£ for it. It is already better than the pc's they sell in most stores for 400£+ so you should be able to make a slight profit on it for putting it together.
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