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Pci-e 1.0 slot running directx11 card.


Can a old p5gc-mx/1333 asus mobo run gpu like ati 5670 .previously i wanted to buy gt240

but later after some research i found 5670 20% more faster. But the thing is it has 2.1 bus slot . i dont

wanna go with nvidia cards i wanna check out ati this time . can i think of installing ati 5 series card (not too high end ex:\5890) with current mobo i mentioned .

thanks in advance. :sarcastic:
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  1. PCI-Express 1.0 slots are not compatible with PCI-Express 2.1 cards. Lots of people have reported issues with attempting this.

    You can run with a 2.0 PCI-E card and still get great performance, most PCI-E 2.0 cards still don't bottleneck the 1.0 Bus standard on a mobo***.

    *** Depends on all of your components working together.
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    There are PCI-e v2.0 and v2.1 versions of the HD 5670. Since I have read of some people having issues with a PCI-e v2.1 card in a v1.0 slot, it's best to select the v2.0 version of the HD 5670.

    The following link is for a Sapphire HD 5670 512MB PCI-e v2.0 card for $80 + $5 shipping. There's also a $15 mail-in rebate to bring the price down more. There is hardly any difference between a HD 5670 with 512MB or 1GB unless you care about a 1% or 2% difference in benchmarks.
  4. I didnt know about 2.0 versions of ati 5 series . thanks jaguarskx
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