Printer sharing where to start ?

Hi I hope you can help.

Im looking to share a printer that is installed on my W7 desktop with my wifes Vista Laptop over a wireless network. Additionally the W7 machine is 64 bit and the Laptop is 32 bit which i would imagine would only cause more problems.
I have kind of a rough idea how to go about doing it but as usual the specifics are whats stalling me and the web is the usual mish mash of conflicting advice.
For instance can it even be done with W7 to Vista ? Do i need to install the drivers for the printer on the laptop first or have the disc in the laptop drive while im trying to connect it to the printer over the network so it can install itself as it connects ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Hi.

    I am making the assumption that both laptop and PC share the same network (i.e. both go through the same router)

    I would turn off protected password sharing on the Vista laptop (otherwise you will need the same accounts and passowrds on both PC and Laptop) to do this - go to the network and sharing centre, scroll down and deselect 'protected password sharing) then reboot.

    You say that the printer is installed on the W7 PC.
    make sure both PC and laptop are on.

    Go to the Vista laptop, go to the control panel and select printers
    click add printer
    select network printer
    search for printers
    you should see the printer attached to the W7 PC. select the printer

    depending if the printer is a comon printer (i.e. HP rather than an oki koki 5000) it is likely that the vista O/S already has the drivers and will install OK

    If not - try putting the installation disk that came with the printer in the laptop and see if it will install.
    failing that - go to the manafactures web site and down load the vista drivers for the printer.
  2. To make this easy, get a network server for the printer, then both computers can print even when one of them is not turned on. Your printer may even have a built-in network port but you did not list the model, so can't tell.

    You can also go through bigp17s list, but I find it way easier to separate sharing of network resources from a computer if possible.
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