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Quick question by a noob trying to upgrade his stock HP Pavillion PC. My current power supply is a 250 watt, running a 20 pin line to the mobo, which actually has a 24 pin connection, plus a 4pin 12v (Think thats what it is, sorry, I'm new to this kinda thing).
What I was wondering>>> Should I hook up the new power supply the same way as the old one, leaving the 4pin off the main mobo connection, or can I add it. Generally doing this upgrade to support a new ATI 5770 graphics card.
HP is a p6720f with a N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX mobo. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. You arent going to hurt the motherboard by hooking up the extra 4 pins, im actually surprised that HP didnt have a 24 pin connector on that PSU. I would hook up all 24 on the main ATX connector.
  2. Thanks for the imput. What baffles me is the fact that HP puts anemic PSU's in the PC's they build. I understand that they want to make $$$, but geesh. The only reason I went for this pc was what I got for the price, and that I have never done any sort of build. Tho next time this will be different. Looking at this pc as a kinda testing ground for myself. Had it for 3 weeks and Im already looking at voiding the warranty. Kept the old PC just in case!
  3. Yeah, Dell uses decent units, but low end HP PSUs are just POS's. Does yours come complete with an old school voltage selector switch on the back?
  4. Yeah, there's one of those on this. I learned too late that Dell usually keeps their PC's better supplied with power than HP. But, I had alot of friends that had issues with Dell, so kinda turned away from them and didnt even consider them when I was looking. Live and learn I guess.
    Going to install my Antec Earthwatts 500 today...not much else to do when your cars covered in more than a foot of snow....again...
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