Keyboard and Mouse not working in USB 3.0 ports

Hello I recently build a new computer and I love it, everything works great except my keyboard Cyborg 7 and the cyborg rat mouse don't work when I plug them into the usb 3.0 ports. Also the windows key isn't working on the keyboard which I find odd. I have the asrock extreme 3 gen 7 mother board and have tried re-installing the drivers once it didn't work. Also when I unplug the mouse and plug it into the usb 3.0 ports and it doesn't work, when I plug it back into the usb 2.0 ports it still doesn't work. I am kind of at a loss at what to do.
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  1. Please check that you have wired the MB USB headers correctly. Check in your bios to see that the USB devices on the MB are activated. Check Device Managers to see that there are no malfunctioning devices (USB hubs). Did you install the chip set drivers? Has any mouse or keyboard ever worked? Are the Cyborg devices USB 3 designed?
  2. I thought USB 3.0 ports were backwards compatable. The keyboard and mouse work in the front usb 2.0 ports. I will check the bios when I get home and the device manager. I installed all the mobo drivers from the disk.
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