Stuck on which Case to Choose

Okay so im putting together a new build, a sandy bridge build and later probably getting an ivy processor when those release.

Initially i was set on the Antec 1200 v3 but after taking a full day looking at a range of different cases im torn apart between them all.

Some that caught my interest is definitely still the Antec 1200, NZXT Phantom, Raven series, and the Cooler Master HAF cases.

I really love the look of the NZXT Phantom but i've heard a few startling problems that people have experienced and i don't like how NZXT couldn't have the common courtesy to have all the included fans have leds let alone sell separate fans with leds but they dont. This case will also prevent me from taking advantage of the side 200/230mm fan cause of an aftermarket cpu cooler. I took a great liking to this case because right now i have an NZXT Apollo and this case has done me well.

I like how the HAF X provides really nice cooling but im not such a fan of its industrial looking design.

The raven's 90 degree mounting design is also a phenomenal advantage. I saw the RV03 and i thought it was rather a downgrade over the RV02, but correct me if im wrong.

Basically im just asking for some help regarding which case would be best for me. I have only listed a few cases that caught my eye and surely i have missed some so dont hesistate to recommend others. This build is not in urgent need of completion because im still getting the $2k together for the whole build so if you know of any cases coming out this year or revisions of already released cases i'd like to know about them as well. Thanks

I do not want my budget to exceed $200 and im strictly looking for full towers, but will consider mid towers if they're really worth it, but otherwise im set on a full tower for this build.
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  1. Personally i would go for either the Raven or the 1200v3.
    Quiet gaming cases.
  2. That link is from 8 years ago... :)

    Based on your HAF comments, perhaps

    AZZA Solano 1000

    Thermaltake ArmorPlus

    These are some highly rated cases under $200 as well.
  3. That link is from 8 years ago... NO!
    It's constantly revised and the majority of cases on the list are 2009/2010 releases.
  4. I absolutely love my Raven; great cooling and it isn't too loud. It is very long though so you should probably make sure that it fits on or under your desk.

    The HAF series is quite good as-well...
  5. Sorry, just looked at the firs page in the link (page 5) and noticed an Antec P150.
    But now just noticed the Antec 1200 on that list..

    Ooops! I apologize.
  6. I love my Antec 1200 but if I was buying today I would look at the Antec DF 85. It has the same cooling as the 1200 but has some amazing new features like hot swappable SSD bays.
  7. Man how i wish i could just get a phantom and be done with it but with all the issues and nit pickings i have with that case its out of the question even if it does look so good and a mini storm trooper.

    I looked at the CM Cosmos case and at $200 i dont feel its a justified price especially with no see through side panel.

    The AZZA Solano 1000 caught my interest a lot especially the Japanese part >.<
    For $120 it looks like a great deal with all those fans it comes with and being a full tower case. My question is does it have a cable management area behind the MB tray with adequate room at least or close to 1 inch space to put wires through?

    I took a closer look into the Silverstone Raven Two and the more i look at it the more im buying into it. I like the 90 degree mounting for the rising heat effect and it does have superb cable management as well as enough space for anything. I would probably throw two cathode led tubes to brighten it up altho i wish the window was on the right side but its not a big deal.

    It seems to me right now its Antec 1200 v3 VS RV02 but im still interested in the AZZA case since it seems like a great bang for your buck case.

    Also does anyone feel the RV03 will be a worthy successor to the RV02? it will have up to 6 additional 120mm fans that you can install but the case looks rather small compared to the RV02. Will it still be a full tower ATX compatible case?
  8. I personally run a 902 and my next case upgrade would be a Raven RVO2 simply because i like it's subtle looks and unique design.
    The Raven 3 does nothing for me aesthetically.
    The 1200v3 is a very good case based on my experience with the 902.
    I know the DF-85 is a good case but i prefer the 902/1200 in the looks department.
    Cases are so personal it's really up to your preference.
    I know Antec and Silverstone are high quality in build and materials.
  9. What are you putting into the system to warrant a full tower?

    Short of doing 3 or 4-way SLI, a Silverstone Fortress FT02 is all you need! And make sure you get the revised version with the Air Penetrator fans in it too.
  10. Its not going to be anything huge but I want a full tower so it can last me for future builds as well as provide all the extra room for more air to come through. I too like the antec 902/1200 over the df-85 look. I'm wondering though what are the major differences between the rv02 and the almost here rv03? I like the look of the rv02 and rv03 roughly the same but I want to know what type of case will it be? Compared to the rv02 it looks a lot smaller which makes me believe that it will be a mid tower and will it work wih atx boards since ill be getting a p67 mobo? I do like that rv03 will have usb 3.0 unlike the previous models
  11. I don't see the RV03 working - they've put the PSU under the hard drive cage and made it shorter now that the motherboard goes to the bottom of the case.

    But, it doesn't do E-ATX and they've totally screwed with the airflow. The whole point of the Raven's stack effect is positive airflow from the bottom, so WHY do they give you the option of adding 120mm fans coming in SIDEWAYS at the top?

    If you like the stack effect, I'd look at the Raven RV02 Evolution or (if you can make do with 7 expansion slots) the Fortress FT02.
  12. Well it's silverstone so surely they have good reasoning for what they have done. I dont mind the PSU shortening considering i will be using an 850w corsair unit that will fit and provide enough power to sli in the future. The front fans that can be mounted i assume would work well as another set of exhausts as the bottom fans blow air upwards or they can even act as intakes and bring more cold air in for the bottom fans to push and the 120mm to expel the air at the top.

    I like the new TJ11 case they're going to be releasing but its far too expensive. And no case is worth getting for 500-700 i would say 300 tops on a case and even that is a high premium.

    I think im going to wait and see what the RV03 will turn out to be like and then make my decision between that and the RV02-e
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