Please help with lost planet 2

my pc spec are
ati 5970
intel core to quad 2.83
4 gb ram
windows 7 32bit
at first the game is running good in dirctx9 but when i run the game with dirctx11 many problems appear
1 game loading is taking too long to start.
2 (((((((((many squares appear in the game graphic ))))))so it is impossible to play it.
3 the game doesn't always running cuz it freezing at the start of the game .

i installed directx11 many times and many important applications like physics or net framework and the main problem that i can't change ati catalyst 10.3 to another because darksiders freezing like 10.9 however i tried 10.9 but the problem not solved .
please help !!!!!
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  1. Disable Catalyst AI and see if it helps.
    Here is how;Open CCC>Graphics>3D>AI and make sure "Disable Catalyst AI" is checked.
  2. sorry no fix ???
  3. no these squares appear in the game but i tried at first to run benchmark but it had taken long time to load then the game freezing i restart pc and never tried to run the benchmark again
  4. Just play in dx9 for now. ATI cards do not perform well in this game.,6.html

    They will probably patch some of the issues.
  5. thanks notty22 now i understood because i was afraid that there is a problem with my card when running dirctx11 and also i am using resolution 1920 * 1080 but you mean the patch from ati or the game company ?
  6. Probably both actually.
    You might only be working off one gpu right now as well. Which would put you near the 5850 results.
    Its not uncommon that graphical glitches need to be weeded out and dual gpu support as well. Starcraft II won't display some game content on older 10.2 drivers, I've read.
  7. I'm sure I saw Oct 12th mentioned somewhere.
  8. Quote:

    Simple google search should clear you confusion.

    I knew I had seen the 12th mentioned somewhere. :kaola:

    Originally set to be released in early 2010, Capcom delayed the game's consoles release[4] to May 11, 2010 in North America and Europe and May 20, 2010 for Japan,[5] and the Windows version was released on October 12, 2010.[2]
  9. I forgot about DX11.
    When the benchmark was released,i could test in DX9 mode but not DX11(immediate crash),so try playing in DX9 for now and maybe a new patch will be released for it.
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