First Computer Build, did I get everything right? Take a look please!

Hey! First off so excited to build my first computer! Also just wanted to say that this forum is great because I have researched the parts that I have chosen, and TomsHardware has helped alot in that regard. Great site and it seems that the forums here have a great community. Anyway time to get on with the good part. My build! :sol:

First off I bought some cables because I think the optical drive I have selected doesn't come with a SATA connector.
BYTECC 18" serial ATA, with locking latch (wtf is locking latch lol?) $2.89

I got a HDMI cable even though my GPU I'm planning on purchasing includes one I have heard that some people don't receive the free one that they were supposed to. So I went ahead and added this HDMI cable in case.
Link Depot 6ft HDMI to HDMI A/V Cable Model $3.99

I also got a USB-USB connector so I could transfer world of warcraft from one of my computers to the new one.

Next is the Asus DVD RW drive

I chose the Antec 902 case because I liked the look of it and it had good feedback from what I have read on it.

I read on this forum that the Samsung Spinpoint F3 was a good hard drive. So I chose it, 7200 RPM, 1tb, SATA 3.0Gb/s
I will be using this hard drive as my OS drive and to hold everything else aswell. I felt no need to get an extra hard drive.

I found this Asus HDMI 1080p LCD monitor that looked nice and had a nice price to go along with it. Also I'm a bit confused as to how I run an HDMI cable from my GPU to my monitor. Anyone care to elaborate?

Here is the Mobo that I found. I think it looks great, and has a butt load of PCI slots! It's a ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB 3.0

Got this Wireless PCE N wireless adapter because, I'm going to have to use it. I won't be using ethernet. It's an ASUS.

The video card is a AMD Radeon 6870, Sapphire. I was originally going to just get like a 5770 or something, but decided to splurge a bit and perhaps future proof this machine a bit more, and go with this card. I think it looks great. I might Crossfire in the future (A HUGE might). But considering this is equal to a crossfire 5770 it probably won't be needed for a while. So what do you think of my GPU decision?

I wanted a nice PSU just in case I did crossfire, and I figured that the Corsair 750W PSU would be a great choice. Lots of reviews for it, and it just looks like a nice PSU.

For RAM, since the AMD CPUs only support Dual channel, I thought that the G. Skill Ripjaw DDR3, 1600, (2x2gb) Memory would be a great choice. Cheap and judging from what I hear it works great.

Ok time for one of the most important parts of a Computer. The CPU. I was considering Intel at first, but it seemed like AMD had performance very close to Intel at a cheaper price. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order the AMD X4 965 Black Edition (I realize it's only a .2 ghz increase over the 955 and that, that speed can easily be achieved by adjusting the clock, but I'd rather just go with the 965 BE). I also looked at some of the AMD 6 cores. My question is, even though I fully don't understand what "bottlenecking" is yet. I heard that if I use a 6870 with the X4 965 that it could bottleneck? I'm assuming that the x6 wouldn't do so? If someone could explain this issue further it would be much appreciated.

For OS I know I want Windows 7-64 bit. Really no question there huh?

I found a combo on newegg with a gigabyte keyboard and mouse. Here they are if any one is curious.

Sub-Total: $1,284.71

Ok thanks in advance for any opinions or input you all give me.

I'll basically be using the computer for gaming (mostly gaming). Alot of WoW, probably Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 (whenever it releases), ARMA 2, Crysis and possibly other games if I find some more I want to play. Other than that, I will be doing general computing. As in internet, E-mail, YouTube, and just stuff like that.

So what does everyone think about my build? Is everything thing gonna work ok together? Am I forgetting anything? Will the current CPU and other parts handle a Crossfire 6870? Any general thoughts on my build?

I'll be ordering this within a few weeks hopefully, I would like to receive it and assemble it before Christmas.

Thanks for responses in advance! :hello:
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More about first computer build right please
  1. Better hurry. :)
  2. Ya. I know I have to hurry. That's why I posted this thread. I wanted some opinions on my build before I make the purchase. So any advice anyone can give me is appreciated especially on the CPU, and my question regarding video card and monitor... well just advice on anything.

    Anyway this is my last step before I buy the parts :p
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