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Nvidia 250gts problems

i just bought a brand new Nvidia 250GTS pci E graphics card a month ago, it has NEVER run hot or even warm, but the other day i was playing a game and suddenly my monitor screen went black the monitor was still on but the screen was black as if it were turned off there was no error message at all but i could still hear the games sound in the backround. I was forced to do a "Hard boot" when i did the cpu came on but there was no video at all, so i switched to my old graphics card and recieved video, only to find that my pc was stuck in an infinate loop at the boot screen, frustrated i decided to install a new hard drive, after that i tried to reinstall my Nvidia 250 gts and it still shows nothing but a black screen when i power it up, i used this card and loved it for a little over a month before this happened, does anyone know anything about this very strange problem?
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  1. If you can test it in another machine then do so, if not then RMA it as it's only a month old.
  2. what is RMA?
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    RMA = Return Merchandise Authorisation, sending it back and getting a new one basically.
  4. ok i will try that thank you mousemonkey
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  6. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
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