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I have a corporate CCTV DVR that was built by "who knows". The corporate guys installed vista and then locked us all out of nearly everything. I mean, we cant access the control panel without an admin password. To make matters worse there is no support for these DVR's through the tech line. They are slightly buggy and we can't really do much to fix them. I recently bought and installed a 1 TB Hitachi SATA HDD OEM to expand our storage capacity. It shows up in the BIOS but not in the OS under My computer. I have restarted, switched SATA ports. I am not able to get to much, but was able to see it in the BIOS.
I am wondering if there is something I am missing. I know I need to format this drive but can't if it won't show up in the OS
Is my solution to format the drive in another unlocked PC and then install it back into Corp DVR??
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  1. Thanks for the post. I went back in case I missed something and unfortunately the OS is Vista, and the Corporate lock down is so severe that right click does nothing. I am going to try to format the drive in a DVR that I built from scratch then take the drive back and see if that causes the OS to recognize it but I am not hopeful. I am tempted to just pull the OS drive and install the new drive with a fresh copy of whatever OS I can find laying around. Issue is, no name MB, looks like Asus or MSI with a puke yellow PCB. wierd intel chip set, g35 or 31 (whichever isnt common), so not sure about drivers (No disks of course).
    I will figure it out.
    Thanks again
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