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Well, not so much dust as cat hair. I live with what many would term a 'crazy cat lady'... Don't ask how many cats we have, it's crazy, but they are fed and well cared for so, who am I to judge, ya know? But I do have hair issues out of the wazoo. My current case isn't suited for filtering, the fans snap in and the side you want to put filters on require tearing the case half apart. Just want something with filters and high dust / animal hair in mind with easy access to said filters so they can be snapped off regularly and washed out. Any suggestions? Someone suggested the Antec P183 case, it looks nice, what do you all think?
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  1. What i do is have a air purifier in my room and it really helps collect some of the dust in my room. Also from what i heard or read that if you have more positive air pressure in your case it tends to have less dust.

    Here is a few cases i would recommend for dusty environment.

    Lian-li PC A70F Full tower

    Silverstone FT01 mid tower

    Here's demonstration of positive and negative air pressure with the Silverstone FT01 case

    Regardless though imo clean out your case atleast every 1-2 months...
  2. Best dust-proof case would be one with only one or two front intake fans with filters, and no fan spots on top or on the side panel.

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced is a good choice. I considered this case before it was sold out at my favourite store.

    Biggest problem is that most cases come out with monstrous fan and ventilation systems, making them automatically gather a lot of dust. I'd rather (it's what I settled for) get a case that can open easily so that you can clean it out often. I got the Antec DF-30, it has two 120mm front intake fans with washable filters, so the case does get a little protection fro dust. It also has a 140mm top intake fan that blows cool air directly onto my Cooler Master Hyper 212 + cooler, and a side 120mm intake fan that blows onto the Cyclone cooler on my GFX card. All this, and still dust is managable.
  3. Oi, just remembered this, I saw a dude's case over the weekend at a big LAN, he took standard black stockings, cut out nice pieces and stuck it to his intake fans with contact advesive. It looks good (you don't really notice it) and he says it works like a charm. Why not try iy?
  4. *hmm* Well, the reason for a new case is the front fan is attached to the drive cage, have to take the cage out to get the fan out and the front bezel is screwed onto the case so you have to take both left and right panels off to get the screws out to remove it. *hmm* Though this bit on positive air flow. No, don't think it would work, the back has two fan openings, make the front an exhaust, so no need for a filter, and get a second for the back so the two back ones would intake and maybe create a positive air flow situation. For filter material, for all that matters, I could get one of those K&N filters from the auto shop and snip it to fit and use velcro to hold them in place. Rip it off to wash them then stick 'em back on. But I don't know how the reverse system like that would work with the two back fans intaking near the power supply. *thinks*
  5. What case do you have?
  6. The CM 690II Basic or Advanced would be perfect the whole front panel is a dust filter and comes off very easily.
    The entire top panel is also filtered(which is rare).
    Also the bottom of the case is filtered.
    Great case that's easy to clean and is excellent btw.
    I have one.
    As suggested just use pantyhose or used dryer sheets to block other cat hair infiltration areas.
    K&N filters are expensive and much too dense for any pratical pc application.
    Also raising your case off the floor does wonders for cleanliness.
    What i use.
  7. Your best solution is to get a new case with dust filters...They also sell dust filters if you need them.

    or you can do what Toxxyc said and use nylon stockings does work
  8. Bigmac80 said:
    What case do you have?

    *looks it up* I've had this sucker forever. Chieftec Matrix Mid-Tower MX-01 with Green Marble CaseArts paint job.
  9. Yeah dude that's a old case. You should upgrade your case. The CM 690 is a good choice and the price is right. The ones i mentioned are good also but in the expensive side.
  10. The Corsair Graphite 600T is a nice case covered in dust filters.
  11. The Antec P183 is an excellent choice. Doesn't have the aggressive look of all the gaming boxes.

    There are two hinged washable filters located behind the front door, as well as additional filters
    covering all of the external drive bay covers. Occasionally, it will be necessary to wash the air filters. Not
    washing the filters may result in high system temperatures and possible stability problems. We
    recommend checking the air filters at least once a month initially. The frequency will change depending
    on environmental conditions and system usage. Users who run their systems 24/7 will have to check
    their filters more often than those who don’t run their systems every day.

    Not only does the case do a great job of preventing dust problems it also greatly reduces sound through sound deadening design and the ability to install CPX form factor power supplies which incorporate low noise as one of the primary design features. If you are not into the flashy LED thingies and don't need 10 fans blowing air through your system, it's about the best choice I can think of.
  12. Throw in another vote for the CM 690 II. I have one, and the only place I can see dust/hair getting in through would be the side panel, and even that shouldn't be much of a problem seeing how incredibly easy the side panels are to take off and put back on. The entire front panel just pops off and can be blown off, and the top is completely filtered. I have one, and I love it. :D
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