6870 images leaked but WTH is this in old card naming ?

Wow cute images and specs for the 6870 but what is this in the real world 5770 or 5750 anyone ?



Same with the 6850 what the hell is this in real world.


I sure as hell will not buy it dew to the model confusion and possibly buying same or more pathetic than what I already have.
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  1. Supposedly it goes something like this in terms of performance;
    HD6970 > HD6950 > HD5870 > HD6870 > HD5850 > HD6850 > HD5830
    I agree that the shift in the numbering scheme is pointless and confusing, especially when leading with the mid-range cards.
    FYI there is a huge thread on the subject already. These kinds of posts would be better made in that thread.
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