Asus P8P67 PRO + Corsair A70 + G.Skill Ripjaws X

Is there anyone with this exact combination of MoBo, CPU fan and RAM?

My original plan was buying Corsair Vengeance, but I found out they don't fit under A70. Now I'm wondering does G.Skill Ripjaws X have the same problem?

I would use 2x4 GB so if A70 covers first DIMM, I don't care, as long as other 3 DIMMs aren't covered.

Help anyone? I need definite answer before buying.

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  1. From the research I did on the problem, it looks like the CPU cooler does block the first socket and causes some issues with fitting a RAM module in the second slot.

    This problem can probably be avoided by using low profile memory (Loose the over-sized heat spreader)
    Or simple mount the CPU cooler sideways, but may cause a few minor issues with optimal air flow through out your case.

    You are better off buying a different CPU cooler, clearly the A70 has a major design flaw.

    This is a picture that another user has run into the exact same problem and how he worked around it.
  2. Yes, that picture is from a thread where I figured out Corsair Vengeance is a no-go. However, I don't want to void the warranty by removing the heat spreader.

    I'd gladly buy low profile Vengeance, but my supplier doesn't sell them unfortunately.

    So, another CPU cooler is the solution, huh? Back to the drawing board...
  3. Don't want to start a new thread so I'll ask here...

    Will Corsair Vengeance fit on P8P67 PRO with Zalman CNPS9900 MAX?

    Google isn't helping me. :(
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