5870 mobility and msi afterburner

i downloaded msi afterburner to monitor the temps of my 5870 mobility in my g73 laptop

i got a few questions though.

1) what is the max temp i should let it reach.

2) the core clock is set to700 and it says max is that stock?? maxed out?? same with memory clock 1000 maxed is that stock??
i find it hard to beleive the chip is set to max everything but idk

3) the fan speed and core voltage dosnt look like there adjustable is this because its a laptop??
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  1. If I were you I wouldn't try overclocking it, putting a card like that in a laptop is bound to be near the limits and if you make it any hotter there could be serious problems. I wouldn't let it get past 80C, but IDK about the max...
  2. wow 80 degrees realy it hovers around 76-81 playing ffxiv without the ac on man i guess i need a laptop cooler
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