Gtx460 problem

Upgraded my graphics card but computer still slow?
my specs are: 3.2 GHZ dual core processor with 3gb of RAM, windows vista 64 bit and i have just installed a new asus graphics card (see below) and it still struggles to run starcraft 2 on medium graphics settings which is not a very graphics intense game. Any suggestions on what the problem or limiting factor might be?

i tried installing the 64-bit drivers from the NVIDIA website but when i restart it comes up with an error message saying:

the system doesn't install ASUS gamerOSD! Some features for smatdocotor might not work

Please install ASUS gamer OSD.

And thats all the info it gives. Any help or ideas would be appreicated
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  1. Get rid of (uninstall) all of the Asus software and try running it then.
  2. that's done the trick and its running much faster without the ASUS software, thanks.
  3. Glad it helped (hopefully it will continue running fast). It has been a while, however I remember Asus software causing a problem on my ATI 4850. Can't remember what that problem was, but I remember ditching the software fixed it.
  4. I think you need both Gamer OSD and Smartdoctor installed for things to work properly. I found that Afterburner was easier to work with for monitoring the card temps, speeds, and fans:
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