Will a 620w seasonic power 2 GTX 465s in SLI?

It says it has 576w on the 12V rail (48A), I was reading that 465s use 200w max a piece, so will I be ok running GTX 465s in SLI on a XFX MB-750I-72P9 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI Socket 775 ATX Motherboard with an overclocked e8500, 4gb ddr2 800, one SATA harddrive and one SATA blu-ray drive? I will have to use the molex adapters because my supply only has 2 PCI-E power connectors and each 465 uses 2.

Also has anyone here tried Nvidia Surround with different monitors? I have a projector and 23.6" asus that I run cloned in 1080p, I was wanting to add 2 cheap 20" 1600x900 displays on the sides, but after reading the Toms article from the other day and it sounds like I have to have 3 matching displays to span. Can I just change the resolution or do they have to be identical monitors?

And lastly I havn't ordered that motherboard yet, it's the cheapest one I can find (80 bucks) that has 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots. There are cheaper ones that have one PCIE 2.0 x16 and one PCIE x16 (not 2.0), is it worth the extra 30 bucks to have both cards running on a 2.0 bus or does it even matter?
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  1. i doubt it, gtx 465s are hot-running power hungry gf100 cards, it'll most likely run them but you'd be pushing it a bit too hard
    Your PS should be okay, although 620 is cutting it pretty close, and I wouldn't try to overclock the cards much.
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    it's a great PSU and it will run but.....not great cards to SLI for power consumption

  4. Yeah I wasn't really thinking about SLI when I bought the PSU or the 465. I'm wanting to try out surround gaming, but not enough to have to replace my PSU since I just got this one a few months ago.
  5. lol, if a system with those cards pull 605w under load then that psu is really pushing it. Why dont you get gtx 460's??? they are much better and less power hungry.
  6. I already have the one 465, I guess I could try and sell it and get two 460s but I don't want to take a loss on a card I just got a few months ago. 460s are cooler and use less power but they aren't better and at the time the 465 I got was 25 bucks cheaper than the cheapest 460 (would have been $45, but I forgot to send in the MIR in time, DOH!)
  7. The 1GB 460 is faster than the 465 because of higher core and memory clocks. The 460 has made the 465 obsolete, it is what the 465 should have been.
  8. Well the 465 was cheaper and came with a game I wanted while the 460 just came with a worthless SC2 trial coupon, and theres very little difference between the benchmarks for the 460 1GB and the 465. Anyways I think I'll abandon this idea for a while given that the price of the 465 I got has gone up 50 bucks and I didn't really want to spend any more money on another socket 775 motherboard anyways. I think I'll just wait til around the holidays and see if I can get a good deal on a SLI 1366 board and an i7 and just do a new build.
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  10. I'm not sure if the 605 is system power draw or just card draw. If that is just the GPUs drawing 605, then you would need another 100 ~ 150W for the rest of the system, perhaps more. So, 705 ~ 755W.
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