Serious CPU overheat! Help!


I'm having a bit a problem with my new i7 2600 and STOCK cooler.
When i got it, about a month ago, the temperature maxed out at around 75 degrees C with the TPU on, on a ASUS P8P67 Deluxe motherboard. - This was when I played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and only in that game.
Then i switched the TPU off, and then I never got above 60 degrees C, even when running Cinebench.

Some days ago I wanted to try Prime95, just to see the real max temp, and suddenly it got up to 98 degrees C! I shut down Prime95 quickly.
Then i tried Cinebench, and now it also reached these high temps. So i read alot of forums, where people said that a good thing was to reapply some new thermal paste - and I've done that now. But still, Cinebench runs up to 98 degrees C, I'm to afraid to run Prime95, and Battlefield also reahces 97 degrees C.!

I consider this as quite bad, and I would like your help!
I build the computer my self, as a first time build. But I don't think I've done anything wrong, as the Temperatures, just 3 days ago, was just fine.
Could it be the first Prime95 test, that has damaged the CPU?

Right now the computer is idle at around 35 degrees C.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. did you read the instructions on how to mount the stock cooler correctly?
  2. Quote:
    With what did you check the temps?
    Did you overclock it?

    I made the ASUS AI SuiteII overclock it, but shortly after, I want back to stock by clearing CMOS.
    AI Suite II was also the program i chacked temps with, both when it was running fine and now.
    I also tried Realtemp 3.6 to see if it was the AI Suite that read it wrong, but it too, got over 90 degrees.

    apache_lives said:
    did you read the instructions on how to mount the stock cooler correctly?

    Yes, i read it very closely as I was mounting it.

    But it is correct that these temperatures is way too high, right?
  3. Actually, I've just installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, and it is after I've done that, that the problem has started to occur. So could it be some software issues, which makes the motherboard read the temps wrong?

    Because, in Cinebench i still get around 7 in the CPU score, so it is still performing quite good.
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