ASUS VG236HE vs Acer GD235HZ

Looking into buying a new 120Hz Monitor. I have done some research and many many sites says the Acer is the way to go. However, this Asus comes up with little reviews or anything. Is this the rumored VG242?\ or a toned down version?

But basically, Which monitor is better for gaming and movies on a computer?

If it matters, a ATI 5970 will be used with it.

Thanks again!

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  1. They are both really good, its two great companies. I'd go with Acer, thats what I use and i love it, best monitor I've seen or had (not the same model as the one you are looking at, however).

    Regardless, I have heard good things about that Acer model as well.
  2. There are two models for the Acer the one listed and a 245HQ. The HQ is a European version. Same monitors expect the name to distinguish a region difference and the north american version is 0.1" bigger.

    Hopefully, some tips on the ASUS will come up!

  3. I am surprised no responses yet! My friend says to wait 6 months and purchase the acer when it drops.

    No one has any comparisons with ASUS?
  4. if you read the review on amazon from someone thats had both the samsung 2233rz and the acer one he's finally settled on the asus one. I own the samsung and have just ordered the asus. overclockers are selling em on special this week :)
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