Occasional Blue Screen......Pc restart help

I am new to this.
I just finished my build and am facing the Blue screen. It is occasional and random. I was only able to record the error code once and it said the code was 0x00000019 then dumped the memory and restarted. I can run windows, the blue screen is not on startup and i could even play some heavy games. My configuration is:
Intel i5-760
Kingston 2X2GB RAM(In Dual channel)
nVidia GTX 460

Now actually i downloaded registry booster and scanned it for registry errors and it showed 100+ errors but it was unregistered so did not fix. This could also possibly be the problem or maybe its the RAM. IDK but Here is another thing i tried, I ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and it showed that memory is alright. Now i am really confused what to do, i experience it randomly although not frequently but i know it is a bad sign. I ahven't run memtest but i would like to know first what possibly could the problem be before randomly searching for answers.
Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Run memtest for at least 8 passes.

    Issue is mostly likely either bad RAM, bad PSU delivering unclean power, or FUBAR windows install.

    RAM being the easiest to test since you can start it, go to bed/work and see results 8 hrs later.
  2. chintandhandha said:
    Now actually i downloaded registry booster and scanned it for registry errors and it showed 100+ errors but it was unregistered so did not fix.

    Uninstall that program immediately. Don't trust any apps that claim to clean, correct, optimize, or otherwise alter your registry. Apps such as these are scams that actually infect your computer. This would be the same as me flying a brick through your window and then telling you to pay me to fix it.

    The infections happen once you actually install the app. You will run the scan and see the exact same results every single time. This kind of trick is designed to sucker the people who don't know about it into purchasing the "fix" to the conveniently placed "problems".

    Download and install:


    Spybot S&D

    Malwarebytes AntiMalware


    Trend Micro's Hijackthis

    use spybot first, its faster. Next run a full scan with SUPER Antispyware, followed by a full scan from AntiMalware. Next run CCleaner to remove the traces of the Registry Booster that remain from uninstall.
    Lastly, run a scan and save the log file from HJT.
  3. Yes you are right....i was just told so by someone else. I have installed ccleaner and cleaned up my registry. Recently i haven't received any blue screen or any unexpected shutdowns.
    At the moment i need the computer almost all the time so i wont be able to run memtest but if windows diagnostic tool says it is correct, then should i go with it or i should still run memtest. Also to add
    the ram is Kingston value ram and i heard its quiet good with lifetime warrenty.
    My PSU is not that great but it is SLI and Crossfire certified 750w branded Mercury which i dont think is that bad considering that it is certified for SLI.
    If i get any further errors i will post it as soon as possible, till then i will be on this thread until i am sure everything is alright.
    Thanks for help....
  4. If after cleaning your system, you're not experiencing the BSODs, then you should be ok. If the problem happens again, and cleaning doesn't fix the problem, run memtest86+. If you're concerned with not being able to use the system while the test is running, consider running the test overnight while you sleep.
  5. Thanks to all of you guys for such quick replies i really appreciate you. This is my first thread here and i find out that people are so willing to help. Thank you very much. I will wait for 2-3 days and then if everything runs fine i will close this thread. Also if you have any thoughts in mind as to what could possibly cause this problem or what you experienced and did to solve this please feel free to share it with me. I really am blank about blue screens.
    Once again thank you all very much.... :)
  6. Typically Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is caused by a memory read/write error. Since RAM is randomly accessed, hence its name, it is hard to pin point exactly what caused the error. I can't speak for anyone else, but the Stop Error code (0x???????? - where "?" could be any number or letter) means nothing to me, but the the paragraph or two of text above the Stop Error code can sometimes help narrow down the culprit.

    If hardware or software is having trouble accessing your memory, the RAM is usually the cause (like 95% of the time), that is why when people report seeing a BSOD, the first course of action suggested is typically run MemTest86+ (MT86+)

    MT86+ is a self-loading test that runs in a DOS-like environment. The tests scan through the DIMMs, checking each sector. Should the test find any errors, you'll see the report in white text, but highlighted in red. Also, MT86+ is 100% independent of your OS, so there's no need to worry about compatability.
  7. Thank You. I will surely run Memtest just to make sure that i don't have a faulty ram. I will be on it today and tomorrow. And yea actually the first time i recieved the blue screen i got scared as i knew it as the screen of death but then i read more about it and got some more information, the nest time it came i was able to note down the error code, but still, it flicked on my screen for 3-4 seconds and i wasn't able to note anything else. I will make sure i do next time. Thanks again T_T.
  8. Well guys memtest shows up OK but there is another problem i am facing now. I am monitoring my temperatures using realtemp and i don't know why the CPU usage is always 100% and shows temperatures of 70c. Wait for the surprise now. When i open Windows task manager the CPU usage drops down to normal (i mean 2-30%) AND SO DO THE TEMPERATURES. And that transition is within 10s, isn't it strange for a CPU to drop down 30c in 10s and also the cpu usage. I am really confused, please help.....
  9. Anything you guys can think of..... Can it be some bug or an error in the temperature readings....??
  10. I have run CCleaner, MemTest86+, Spybot too. And i also have the genuine Kaspersky AV. I dont know what to do now....
  11. Thanks for the reply malmental. I ran the elevated command prompt and first entered the command sfc/scannow. I waited for the scan to complete 100% and it said to could not find any violated files. So i didn't go any further, as there are no files that were found. But now the issue still remains. Should i do a clean reinstall of the Win7 Ultimate on the C: drive? And yea, if yes there is one more question i would like to ask. I converted my HDD into dynamic drive partitions. Now if i would want to format and reinstall the windows on C:, will i loose all my data in other drives, or would it only format C; drive as usual. I wanted to add one more partition so i added another drive and it asked me to change the drive to dynamic drive and i said yes. NOW WILL FROMATING ONE DYNAMIC DRIVE RESULT A LOSS IN DATA ON THE OTHER?
    Anyways thanks for other answers.....
  12. New clean windows install solved the temp problems, temperatures look very good around 27C. Installing my programs. Thank you everyone....... And i have one more question- What is the ideal temperature of a GTX 460 cuz its above 35C all the time, maybe around 40C.
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