Ati radeon hd5570 cant set '1920x1080


I bought an computer with:

i3 processor
ssd 60gb
ati radeon hd5570 graphic card
LG E2240T Led display connected with vga
Windows 7 64bit

recommended resolution of the display is 1920x1080

When I try to set the resolution to 1920x1080 through ati control center or desktop properties this option isn't mentioned. When I set bios to the onboard graphic card, the option is mentioned and works fine.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? Obviously I installed the latest driver from the ati website.
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  1. The specs of the card states that 1920x1080 should work. You can therefore try forcing the resolution. Have you tried restarting your computer with the monitor plugged into the HD5570? Sometimes this is an issue. As for forcing the resolution, go to Catalyst Control Center, select Display Options, under display management options, select list all possible modes
  2. the monitor i have hooked up to my 5570 supports a max resolution of 1440x900 but i still have the 1920x1080 option there. right click the ati logo next to the clock at the bottom right of your screen, put your mouse over ati radeon HD 5500 series, then put it over set desktop area to and you should see 1920x1080 there.
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