Intel core i7 2600, or 2600k? advice

I did purchase a core i7 2600, the regular one and not the one with the K unlocked multiplier. But CPU Z tells me i have the 2600K, and in the bios my multiplier can go up by 8x, so from 3.4ghz to 4.2ghz, which i am running right now and is fine.

i am thinking maybe the place i bought the CPU from sent me the K version instead of the regular one, which is $80 more.
I heard the regular 2600 only has 4x increase on the multiplier, but i have 8x, but isnt the K unlocked? Meaning i could go to 10x or even 50x, because its unlocked right?
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  1. I can run it with turbo boost off or on, and i don't see any difference.

    When I'm idle the multiplier is on 16x, then when i load programs it goes to 41x or 42x, but prime95 only hits 39x, and the bios reads 3.90ghz when it boots, even with it on 42x multiplier. Maby this image will help..

  2. murd6r said:
    ... Meaning i could go to 10x or even 50x, because its unlocked right?

    I don't think so. I read somewhere that the multiplier is presently capped at 42.
  3. I updated CPU-Z and it says i now have the 2600. The multiplier is capped at 42x, which gives a nice simple overclock from 3.4 to 4.2ghz, and with a Noctua d14 its nice and cool.

    So to answer my own question, no i dont have the 2600k just the 2600 because CPU-Z was not displaying the right processor model.
  4. its because of intel speedstep tech
    disable it in bios and your freq. would be 4.2ghz all the time
  5. not to worry there will soon be motherboards available that will allow you to oc the standard 2600 aswell...
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