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Anyone have a link to a psu calculator that's running. I got 404'd on a link in the forum
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  2. delluser1's first link is a great PSU calculator. It does overestimate a little (and each one varies a bit), but it seems to be the most widely recommended.
  3. Thanks guys! Parts are arriving- system build should be early next week.
    Asus M4A88td-M mobo
    AMD phenom X4 955 cpu-watercooled
    PNY GeForce GTX470
    8Gb Ram
    1Tb Raid
    2Tb storage
    2X 20" widescreen DVI monitors
    20" HDMI Display monitor (off mobo- crossfire)

    I'm upgrading to Adobe CS5 suite so I had to go 64bit.

    oh yeah, I got a Corsair 700w PSU-( the koolance tower uses a bit of juice)
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