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GPU + Current PSU

Firstly, here is my old thread which got closed I assume because I bumped my topic. (Topic) You can read it for a bit of background info on my current setup etc.

The gist of the old thread is just that I have a asus m2n-e non sli motherboard, which is old and only has pci e 1.0 I also have a geforce 7900 gs video card.

The card sucks basically, it works just fine for day to day things, but I'd like to be able to play the odd game here and there, not up to full spec of course but be able to play with a decent frame rate.

So the radeon 4870 was suggested to me, I really like the card, its not too overpowered for my system, like the 800 stream processors, like the gpu clock speed 256 bit etc. I also started looking the 5850 and 70 but decided they are too overpowered for my system.

Now my current psu is an enermax libety 500w (link to specs here: Link) I've looked at my psu, and there are 2 6 pin connections colored red, and labelled pci-e. 1 is in use on my current gpu.

Right now I have 2 HDD's plugged in (not setup in raid), 1 is my main HDD, the other I use every now and then to access a file or two. I also have 3 optical drives.

So what I'm wondering is will this psu be able to power the 4870? The 4870 lists a 450 watt psu as minimum, but I dont want to buy the card and have it not work in my system, then have to go and buy a new psu, hell I'll be like 2/5 of the way to building a new system if I did that.

Another thing is that my PSU lists that its able to run 2 cards in SLI.

Also, will the card include at least 1 6 pin cable, because I dont know where any of my spare parts are, they are probably in a box some where, and I believe this psu only came with 1 pci cable included anyhow.

My second concern is that this card has a reputation to overheat. I dont want to spend $100 and have a card that makes my system unstable...

I have a fan directly beside my gpu which looks like its main purpose is to cool any pci/pci e cards I have plugged in, here is a pic:

Does that look like it paired with the fan on the 4870 would stop any overheating from occurring?

So anyways, those are my 2 main concerns, my psu being able to power the card, and the card not overheating.
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    Your PSU will handle it fine. Usually you get a molex to PCIe adapter with the card. If your case is well ventilated and you clean the cooler on the card regularly (I clean mine every 3 to 4 months) heat should not be an issue.
  2. So where would I be able to get the 6 pin power cable? I only have 1 right now, so I'll need a second one for this card.
  3. From Enermax is the only place I can think of! Or you could advertise on the forum somebody might have retired theirs.
  4. Actually nevermind, what about this?


    (the forum kept making the =D smile face, so I needed to put the link in the code box)

    My PSU is an enermax liberty, so this would be the right cable right?
  5. Please use the "quick edit" function rather than continually bumping your thread.
  6. The Ebay one looks like mine! Yes the second one works too.
  7. I'll use the second one just cause im pretty sure its the exact same as the one I currently have.

    Also, when I buy this card is there anything I need to do, like bios upgrades or anything? It should just be plug and play right?
  8. It should be plug and play this way; remove current card in device manager, Shut down and physically replace card, Start up and install drivers for new card. IT is recommended to run driversweeper to get rid of any driver remains from the old card.
  9. If your PSU has two of them, and the card takes two plugs, whats the problem? You can't keep a 7900GS as a PhysX card so I really don't understand the issue.
  10. My PSU has 2 slots to plug in the power cable, but I only have 1 cable, I need to buy another one, I was unsure of what one to buy because it mentioned something on the box about only using the enermax pci cable to power pci components or you could cause damage.
  11. So you lost one of them? Looking at your link its not clear to me if both PCIe plugs on are the same cable or not. I would assume no if the max output for the 12V rail is 32A. I know some of that is going to the ATX bundle, but if even half of that goes down the PCIe cable 16A seems like a lot for one cable.

    I still don't understand the problem if you have two plugs, losing one is the only thing that makes sense right now. (I did just wake up...)
  12. Yea I lost one, hell I dont know if my psu even came with 2 pci-e cables. I assume it did, but I only have 1 pci-e slot on my mobo, so ive never needed it.

    It have another m2n-e board in my basement with a bios issue, the cable is probably with it.

    I bought the cable from performance pc' cause it says its for enermax liberty's and thats what my PSU is, a 500w liberty. The cable itself looks the exact same as the one in my pc right now.
  13. Just an update, my PSU does work fine with this card, the card works awesome, improved my 3d mark score by double. My CPU is still holding me back, so now to put a quad core phenom II on the xmas list ;)

    This thread can be closed or whatever now. Thanks for all your help guys.
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  15. To go from a 7900GS to a 4870 is a huge jump. I personally would have gone with the 5770 for the DX11 and Eyefinity but you've still got a huge upgrade there.
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