Computer restarting after entering random games

Hi my system specs are:
Asus Rampage II Extreme
I7 960@3.2ghz(stock clocks)
2xSapphire HD4870 2Gb Vapor-X edition
2x25cm led Fans
3x14cm fans
Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler
and heres the big question will my Thermaltake 700W toughpower PSU support all those?
i already tested it on i7 920 everything worked fine...but when i installed the 960(without formatting) after i start any game the pc restarts alone...PLZ Quick Answer!!!
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  1. Yes the psu will i think one of your g-cards is going bad shorting and restarting the computer.
  2. I have installed multipul new cpus with out restarting right click my computer and go to properties make sure it shows the 960 or go to device manager and check the cpu there.
  3. i dno whats wrg man im paniking...after i disabled crossfire the computer didnt restart do u think its a cable management issue? it happened to me once in a game called the the end it was a PCI-E Cable issue...what do u think? does the I7 960 consume more power than the I7 920?
  4. You need bios version 1406 to support the 960 cpu.
  5. so its not a power supply issue? for sure? right?
  6. hey guys everything worked out just fne...i dno how though i did nothing than just filiping some cables between the 2 gpus and changing the primary gpu...thanks for ur help
  7. well ive only seen shutdowns like that due to excess heat (typically video). ive read that some boards only allow the second video card to run at 8x instead of 16x (older boards) perhaps switching the cards around did in fact do something.

    every piece of hardware is not the know that. so maybe one of the cards was running too hot in one slot and changing it fixed that.
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