CX430 or CX400 PSU?

Hi guys,

I'm building an HTPC soon for my parents and the site I'm buying the components from has just re-listed the CX400. The site is in France, ,and I'm only going to buy from there.

The price of the CX 430 is 39,85 €
The price of the CX 400 is 41,99 €

The rig will be composed of 5670 and a lightly overclocked Athlon X4 640.

Which one should I pick?

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  1. the cx 400
  2. davcon said:

    actually ecos tests show them almost identical but as you stated, both are good budget PSU

    load rating 20 -80 -100 %
    cx 400 81-84-81
    cx 430 81-84-81
  3. Quote:
    eco tests were done at 23 degrees. No pc runs 23degrees inside. Hardwaresecrets testing were done at real world temps 50 degrees. That's why one shouldn't use ecos testing as a source. Rather use a respected review site.

    while I agree jonnyguru and HS tests are more in -depth & tougher then ecos, you are incorrect on the 23c. its the room temperature and most rooms are around 23c

    5.6 Test Room
    As is specified in IEC 62301, the tests shall be carried out in a room that has an air speed close to
    the UUT of £ 0.5 m/s, and the ambient temperature shall be maintained at 23°C ± 5°C
    throughout the test.
    There shall be no intentional cooling of the UUT by use of separately
    powered fans, air conditioners, or heat sinks. The UUT shall be tested on a thermally nonconductive
    5.7 Warm-up Time
    Internal temperature of the components in a power supply could impact the efficiency of the unit.
    As a general recommendation before testing, each UUT shall be loaded up to the test load for a
    period of at least 15 minutes or for a period sufficient that the total input power reading over two
    consecutive five-minute intervals does not change by more than ± 0.2%.
  4. The 400CX is a better unit: heavier 12 volt rail, longer warranty, and rated for full output power at 50 C instead of 30 C.

    I am surprised that you can still find the 400CX.
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