Best graphic card for amd x2 4600+?


cpu: amd x2 4600 ... currently at stock 2.6ghz
resolution: 1920x1080
psu: 750w
ram: 2gb

won't use AA that much.

i'm just wondering what would the best graphic card for my current cpu? can go with either ati or nvidia but would prefer nvidia. thx.
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  1. A GTS 450 would be about the most you'd want to pair with the X2 4600+. Even that will bottleneck a fair bit, but at your resolution it shouldn't be too bad. Barring that, a 9800 GT or GTS 250 would be a pretty good match as well. TBH, the 9800 GT would probably be the most suited to your CPU and the cheapest of the lot.
  2. Get something like a 9800gt, or 9600gt (better match for your cpu). The ATI equivalent would be the 4670.
  3. I really meant the ATI equivalent card that he should look for, not the exact match.

    If we're being totally accurate, one would suggest the OP be extremely careful when buying a 9600 GSO, as there have been 3 different versions with wildly different performance. The best one is a good competitor for the 4670, the others are trash. It's a lot easier to say 4670 = 9600gt as Nvidia didn't rebrand the 9600gt over and over.
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