Client Wizard Setup Error

Hi, i am getting the following error:
Client Wizard Setup
The system cannot copy a file from the server to this computer. Please ensure that everything is connected ...

I am getting this error on every client computer that logs in. I did not get this error message before. The difference is that i had to repair windows SBS 2003 due to file corruption. So why am i getting this now? I have checked the DNS setting on every computer and they are correct. I used the server management application to add all users and their computers. I try to manually do http://servername/ConnectComputer and it tells me Service Unavailable. Any suggestions because me and google have run out of ideas. Thanks.
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  1. Just got the same error on the server too, which i never got before.

    Also, sometimes the client workstations as they try to log in will say the Domain is not available or doesn't exist. But when they try to log in a second time, it works.
  2. Any ideas?
  3. Resolved
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