Connecting Mac or iPad to wireless router causes PC to crash


I have a Win 7 PC connected wirelessly to a modem/router. Normally, all works fine. But when I connect either my iPad or my girlfriend's Mac to the modem/router wirelessly, my PC instantly either locks up or reboots. It happens every time. All devices have latest OS software.

Please help!
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  1. Sounds like an IP address clash. Don't allow a fixed IP address on any of the equipment.

    If changing that doesn't help, when you next post mention model of router.
  2. I have the exact same problem. I have tried updating wireless adapters and even purchased a new wireless N router. The only thing that makes my Win7 wireless laptop "blue screen bail & reboot" is bringing it home where my new iMac is also connected wirelessly. Nothing in my home has a fixed IP -- it is all DHCP. Can someone help?
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