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SLI worth it with a dual core?

I currently have a Wolfdale E6500 I plan o OCing to somewhere around 3.6-3.8 ghz. I was planning on getting a socket 775 mobo with 2 pci slots so that I could possibly run SLI in the future since I only have one card at the moment, but someone told me that they dont know if it is more beneficial with a socket 775 to run SLI over a single card. Can someone tell me if there is any truth to this? If so I will but a mobo with one slot and save some money.
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    SLI works with two cards plugged each plugged into its own PCI-E port. Anyway most people recommend that you get a quad-core if you don't want to bottleneck the cards through the CPU but I think that if you get a really fast dual-core than it should be enough.
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  3. What card(s) are you talking about and what resolution will you be using?
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