XFX 5750 XXX edition troubles

Phenom IIx4 945 (stock)
gigabyte gama 790xt-ud4p
Antec Earthwatts 650 psu
Win 7 64 bit ultimate
Catalyst 10.4
Passed 8 hours of memtest back in early september

I bought an xfx 5750 XXX edition way back in February. After much trials and tribulations, I came to the conclusion that the card was faulty ( I bought an Asus 5750 and plugged it in, and all my troubles went away). I RMA'd the XFX card.

XFX found the original card faulty and sent me a replacement. The replacement wouldn't work either. I tried multiple drivers. Nothing. The Asus kept chugging along and running like a champ. RMA'd the second card.

XFX said the second card wasn't faulty, but went ahead and sent me a third different card. The third card still won't work. The Asus works.

Attempted remedies:
Tried both PCIe connectors on PSU.
Switched PCIe slots.
Tried different drivers.

XFX is telling me the problem lies elsewhere in my computer. I'd love to know where.
Also, I have been able to run a Galaxy GTX 470 with no problems, so I don't think its PSU. But I could be wrong.

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  1. Do you have the newest MB Bios? Can you try the XFX card in another computer?
  2. There's a beta that's newer than the BIOS I'm running. I guess I can try that. And no, I don't have another computer to try the XFX card. I suppose I could take it to a PC repair shop and have them test it...
  3. What is the problem? does it entirely fail to display? crash?
  4. Dipankar -The Asus 5750 works
    Welsh- With the XFX, the computer will get to the "Windows is Starting" screen. Sometimes it makes it to the login screen, hangs, and then the display goes black. No soothing startup tone though.
    Sometimes it goes straight from the "Windows is Starting" to a black screen.
    Swapping when I swap in the Asus, I have no problems.

    ** I was able to log into Windows once today with the XFX. Opened GPU-Z, 15 seconds later I got a pink screen.
  5. Word. Guess it's time to find a friendly neighborhood computer shop :)
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