Needing help upgrading current gaming system

Ok. Im looking to upgrade my current system and just need some suggestions to fine tune my purchases. Looking to buy the components before the end of the year.

Trying to stay around $600 - $700

Mainly a gaming pc. Mostly for world of warcraft cataclysm. I do raid alot and want to use the new ultra settings if possible and possibly fraps our raids while still getting good fps!

I have the following components i would like to re-use :

Antec twelve hundred case
Rosewill 850 extreme PSU
Tuniq 120 HSF
Vertex SSD
Samsung 1 TB hard drive
Windows 7 64 bit

I would like to purchase from Newegg, tigerdirect or etc.

I may want to overclock. (For performance gains)

Not really wanting to do SLI / CF, HOWEVER i do have a 9800 GTX card that i do want to do PhysX with.

So far I think i want to go with an i5 760 cpu. I really like the evga P55 ftw motherboard but newegg is out of them. =( a gtx 460 but not sure which? And then 4 gb. Of ram. But should i do 1600 mhz. Ram or ???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  1. You only need an I3-540 to get 50+ FPS with a GTX 460 or higher GPU.,2793.html
  2. Alright, well I cant make a build with 600 - 700 bucks i think i could fit it an i7 would you prefer that or i5? I can also fit itn 6GB or 8Gb of ram
  3. actually, you shoudl be able to do a build in that range that can do Cataclysm at Ultra.

    a i3-540 build with a GTX 460 shoudl be plenty to do ultra mode at 1680x1050 and get 50 FPS
  4. yep, here's a build: $650.93

    Samsung spinpoint F3 1 TB: $69.99

    Mushkin 4 GB DDR3: $44.99

    Thermaltake Case w/ 120mm back and 240mm top fans + LG DVD burner: $73.98

    MSI GTX 460 1 GB + Antec Earthwatts 650W 80+ PSU: $254.98 + $15 MIR

    I3-540 + Gigabye H55 motherboard: $206.98 + $10 MIR

    total $650.93 with $25 in rebates
  5. Ok. First off, i do not need a complete system. I have a nice case, psu and hard drives. (Reread my original post)

    I did read the cataclysm performance guide but Im wanting more then 50fps. I would like to pull 70 on ultra. Maybe 50ish while frapsing would be good.
  6. not gonna do 70+ on a $700 system. from what I gave you, you can add $90 for an i5-760 (about the same as the i7-875 on the charts), and another $180 to get a second GTX 460, or a bit less to get a GTX 570
  7. Im only needing a motherboard, cpu, gpu and ram.
  8. i7 950 + EVGA Motherboard Combo

    $409.99 USD

    With $30 MIR


    GTX 460:


    ($15.00 Rebate )


    6 GB triple channel 1600, & Cas latency 9 RAM





    ( you never mentioned you having a dvd drive )

    So tell me if you like that for an upgrade some of them have free shipping and the

    total is:




    Just under budget by 4 bucks.

    If you don't need the DVD drive then after rebates the price is:


    If you don't like the i7 and you want an i5 I can do a build for that too, but trust me you will notice the difference

    That GPU should do just fine, but if you want something better you could always get a bigger budget :P
  9. That motherboard is recertified?? Not sure if I like that. Can i run my 9800 gtx in one of the" extra" SLI slots as a physx card?

    And i have a dvd drive so i don't need that. Sorry for not mentioning it.
  10. don't get an open box Motherboard. It lacks everything that usually comes with it.

    The combo deals aren't recertified.

    The 9800 can be a PhysX card
  11. echarlie said:
    That motherboard is recertified?? Not sure if I like that. Can i run my 9800 gtx in one of the" extra" SLI slots as a physx card?

    And i have a dvd drive so i don't need that. Sorry for not mentioning it.

    Yes, and its not a big deal to be recertified, it got great reviews, looks nice, has nice features comes in a combo with the i7 and it makes your budget fit with GREAT parts, unless you wanna go over
  12. well when I click on the link from Satchel for that mboard and cpu combo via Newegg it doesn't say recertified but when I click on the motherboard link once the NewEgg combo deal link comes up on NewEggs site then it shows the mboard as being recertified.
  13. Yeah, but i dont see how that is a bad thing, whats wrong about re-certification? :P


    If your really concerned then here:

    Its a better MB Different i7 Same price but with 30 dollars combo discount But no rebates, so basically you spend 15 bucks more :P

    But if it works to your satisfaction thats what matters :)
  14. Yea I had considered the i7 875k but figured it was overkill.

    would that motherboard also allow me to run my 9800gtx as a PhysX card ?
  15. yes
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