Little freaked out building my new computer

Well this is my first time building a computer Solo and well....I'm nervous. Heres a couple questions.

1. If I happen to not place the Power switch and Power LED in the right places am I going to die or can I just switch them when I notice they don't work. Same thing with my reset button. It's hard to tell where to put them exactly based on the manual.

2. My screws won't go down enough to hold my motherboard completely steady. Like it's loose. Its not really bad but it can wiggle. Is that ok?
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  1. the motherboard screw issue should be ok. as long as it doesnt jolt around enough to damage anything you should be ok with that.

    for the switches at least with the builds iv done it shouldnt be an issue either. the Led switch doesnt even need to be plugged in at all.
  2. Ok so the only ones that really matter are the power switch and the reset button? If the switch happens to be misplaced would it just not work and I can fix it or ruin everything. Words don't describe how scared I am of breaking this.
  3. yes the only ones you need are the power and the reset. and if you misplace them and hit the power button it just wont power on. so no need to worry :)
  4. Oh thank god, I feel a lot better. thanks.
  5. np. let me know how it works out for you
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