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Recieved Cooler Master 212 HSF, Should i remove stock thermal paste?

Hi i got an i5 760 atm, and i wanted to use the OC potential these babies have.

I have a video on how to install, but what i don't know is how to remove my old thermal paste? I've very uneased relifting the cpu out of the socket.

My thermal paste is artic silver 5. I'm probably gonna do the dime appraoch where u put a small amount on CPU then install the HSF.

IF i do have to remove it, i've read that isopropyl alcohol will work w/o damaging components., I"m not sure what to put the alcohol on to clean it, i.e. a washcloth, papertowel, etc.

any help much appreciated.
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  1. You need to remove the old paste. If you don't, you won't get a complete cover of the new paste and you'll have air trapped between the HSF and the CPU. It's also not just old paste. Anytime you remove the HSF (i.e. you didn't get it placed squarely the first time), you need to reapply the paste.

    The popular ways to remove the old stuff are to use either Q-tips or a lint-free cloth (or both). I'd go with the lint free cloth.
  2. yes isopropyl alcohol is best for cleaning old cpu paste off; dip the q tips in the alcohol and wipe it off until you see no sign of thermal paste on the cpu.

    if you are unsure there are many videos on youtube explaining and demonstrating how to do this.

    if you are asking this because you don't have new thermal paste then i suggest you hit up radio shack if you are in the US, they sell arctic silver 5 for 10 bucks a tube which is more than enough for one cpu (usually can get 3 uses out of em )
  3. can i remove cpu thermal paste while it is in the socket? or do i have to take it out?
  4. also which would be better the thermal paste that came with the cooler, or the aftermarket artic silver 5
  5. I would remove the CPU to clean it to be safe.

    There won't be a significant difference between the thermal pastes. Obviously, the AS5 would be better, but there won't be a huge difference. It would only really matter if you're trying for an absolutely massive overclock. Basically, if you already have the AS5, use it. If you don't, don't worry about it.
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    One thing more, that hyper 212 is a direct touch heat pipe cooler. The heat pipes are running through the block. be sure you fill in the gaps between the heat pipe and the block with a bit of paste. The purpose of the thermal paste is to fill gaps and eliminate trapped pockets of hot air. The gaps between the pipes and the block are significant. I use an old credit card that I cut into a 1/2 strip to spread the paste. Maybe practice on something besides the cpu or cooler first. It is sort of like spreading Spackle. You're just looking for a thin film that fills the gaps. You DO NOT want so much that it squeezes out from between the cooler and cpu. Watching demo's on youtube is a great idea.
    Also, you might have to remove and/or install a mounting plate. That may require you to remove the motherboard unless you have a CPU cutout on the MB tray. If you need help with that just let us know
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