Wireless N is not working as advertised, please help!

I bought two Sabrent PCI-802N cards to go with a Netgear WNR2000 router. My connection has been considerably worse than when I was using G-band wireless. Using G-band I had a continuous signal at 54 mbps (5 bars on Win 7) and using these cards I'm getting roughly 70% signal and it's erratic, fluctuating between 30-52 mbps. The range from router to antenna is roughly 30 feet through one wall. Altogether this investment was over $120, please help me figure this out so I don't have to take all this stuff back.
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  1. There are still ocasionaly issues between 802.11n equipment from different brands. Check by switching over to mixed mode (or g only if available). If performance improves, that may the problem.

    In which case I'm not sure you have any alternative but to swap out the cards.
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