New videokaart for old analog TV with s-video

I'm trying to find a respectable ATI card (hd4650 - hd4870) that can 'feed' my old analog widescreen TV (not HD Ready) 'good old' (crappy) s-video output. I came across this XFX card:

If you scroll down you'll see a photo of the back with what looks like an s-video output, although the caption says hdtv. Now, if you scroll down even further, you'll see a table that under "output" says: 'S-Video, Dual DVI, HDTV'.

So, I wonder what's going on here. Can this card provide that 'good old' s-video or will it be some new sort of "S-Video HDTV" that my TV can't handle?

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  1. That should work but you shouldn't choose a card based on that as there are VGA to S-Video adapters. They cost like $3 I believe.
  2. Well, good that you bring that up jyjjy.

    I've been looking for a good ATI crossfire pci-e card like mad all week, that would have a VGA connection for my old 17 inch monitor and s-video for my old analog widescreen TV.

    - A DVI to AVG adapter looks really simple, so my guess was there wouldn't be any quality loss.

    - A AVG to s-video adapter, the same thing (now that you mention it).

    - HDMI adapters I'm not sure about

    So how would you go about that? What kind of "output layout" on the back of the card would you go for? And which signals would/can you adapt without quality loss?
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